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Sales Promoter

Be our sales promoter for magayo WET software and earn a high commission from 20% to 50%!

Free, Fast, Simple & Easy

There are no joining fees and no monthly fees to become our sales promoter. There is also no basic salary or any other benefits but you will earn a high commission from 20% to 50%!

Besides promoting magayo WET software, you can further promote our award-winning lottery software and football software.

We will provide you with soft copies of our marketing materials and flyers which you can print, distribute and promote offline. You may also market and promote our software through your personal website and social media.

As our sales promoter, we will assign a unique discount coupon code to you. You get your commission as long as a sale is made with your unique discount coupon code. Payments are made via PayPal in the last week of every month for your previous month's commission.

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If you own a website and you merely like to promote our software online, you may consider joining our Affiliate Program instead.

What You Can Earn

Your earnings!

How Does It Work

How does it work

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