magayo WET Version 1.x

magayo WET Version 1.x Documentation

The Settings function allows you to activate the Pro Edition, test your Internet connection and view the software version.

To access the settings function, right-click on magayo WET icon in the system tray and select Settings.


Activate Pro Edition

If you have purchased magayo WET Pro Edition, you can easily activate all the Pro features under the Activate Pro Edition tab by entering your email and then click the Activate Pro Edition button.

Should you need to re-install magayo WET, you should click the Deactivate Pro Edition button to deactivate your current Pro installation first. After deactivating, you can proceed to re-install magayo WET and then activate your Pro Edition again for your new installation.


You can test your Internet connection by clicking the Test Connection button under the Connection tab.

You can also specify a proxy server if this is required by your Internet service provider. If you are using magayo WET from within your office network, there may also be a need to specify a proxy server if Internet access is restricted in your company. You can obtain the proxy server details from your IT team.


The About tab shows you the software version and release date and whether you are using the Free Version or the Pro Edition.


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