Best Free Weather App with Currency Exchange Rates & World Time

magayo WET (Weather app, currency Exchange rates & world Time)

magayo WET software is visually appealing, delightfully flexible and fun!

It is the best, free weather app with animated weather icons, currency exchange rates and world time for your Windows desktop, whether at home or at work.

Delightful animated weather icons in our weather app

magayo WET displays the local date & time of your chosen cities, the local weather with animated icons and the currency exchange rates. It also provides 5-day weather forecasts, the historical currency exchange rates, time converter, currency converter and temperature converter.

You can further configure and personalize the look and feel of every element for every location displayed. You can easily change the font family, font size, font color, date format, time format, weather icon style, temperature unit, the currency to convert to and the amount to convert to.

Download magayo WET software now!

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Best free weather app with currency exchange rates and world time

Personalize every location in our weather app

Get 5-day weather forecasts in our weather app

See the historical currency exchange rates

World time converter to readily tell the local time in any city

Currency converter to easily convert any amount to any currency

Temperature converter to easily convert between Celsius & Fahrenheit

Weather app with 5-day weather forecasts & temperature converter

magayo WET software provides 5-day weather forecasts for the locations displayed. A temperature converter is also included for your ease of conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Currency exchange rates with currency converter

Besides showing the currency exchange rate for each location displayed on your Windows desktop, you can further view the historical currency exchange rates for the last 6 months. You can also easily convert any amount from one currency to another currency with the currency converter.

World time on your desktop plus time converter

The local date and time of the city is shown for each location on your Windows desktop. With the time converter, you can also readily tell the time in one city based on the local date and time of another city.

Multi-user support

Multiple users sharing and using the same Windows computer can set up and personalize their own locations to be shown in their Windows desktop.

Download magayo WET

magayo WET is FREE and 100% clean.

The best, free weather app with currency exchange rates and world time!

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